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About Us

Passion for cooking healthy food has led us to do much more.

With a great passion for natural food and healthy eating we have discovered Himalayan salt, going on to produce recipes and many other dishes based on these natural products we have come across the need to dispose of a tool to distribute this precious element on the food. At the beginning we are equipped with a dosing machine for salt but not for a long time because the salt was grosh and always remained very often so we bought first a manual salt mill in polycarbonate, all right we did our best work and not only the recipes went on and the dishes drank the wax needed to speed up the process. Bingo and came an idea to our masterchef Antonio, if we add an electric mill perhaps and much better and faster we said it and so it was. From now on and It was a long way to go with many climbs in the sense that we changed several models of mills for salt, until it was decided in unanimity of our staff that the current and best model. Making many improvements on it over time creating our YAKUKY brand addressed to an indigenous Italian producer who created a custom sample based on which we are now producing our product lider. At the beginning everything was fine with work and with the sale of our salt mill, but one thing was missing? What then? We are accountable that the food is good and everything as described in the recipe but also to add the mix of pepper (black, red, white) ground on the moment was the top for our dish. And here we are with our salt mill and pepper mill set set in a unique perfect copy solution at an unbeatable price. And thinking that it all started from a recipe that needed only a little salt that had to contain many minerals like salt Himalayas! At the moment we have this copy so that we can all afford to buy our food in a healthy and pleasant way

From a friendly relationship – To a healthy partnership 


The passion for drinking a fine scotch or an elegant cocktail is what brought us together. First, we are friends and then we are business partners. From a healthy relationship, the Yakuky brand came to life and now, we are proud to present it to you. A team of 4 friends started a fun business journey in the kitchen industry. It all started a few years ago when as consumers, we realized that there is something missing. Like any of you, when you want something well-done, you have to do it yourself. After a few months of heavy brainstorming, we created the Yakuky brand as a family project. In no time, our hard work and high-quality products drew the attention of a large public and we started producing more and more kitchen related products. The ice stones were the first product we produced. We all love to enjoy a fresh smoothie, a high-quality glass of whiskey or a fancy cocktail. But none of these go smooth without some ice. The common water ice stones have the liability of diluting your drink and we didn’t like that. It was time to create the Yakuky stainless steel ice stones.  


Kitchen products to enjoy. Health and comfort come first. 


Health and comfort comes first because we focus on raising our children surrounded by a safety environment. As family guys, we have to use only the best products when it comes to kitchen. Cooking food or preparing some drinks it’s a real responsibility especially when you have kids. We can state that our products are meeting all the requirements in order to be considered healthy and comfortable kitchen products. We started as consumers, so we know what one needs in order to create a modern revolutionary kitchen. It’s all about the details and these details are represented by a high-quality set of kitchen utensils.